Zen Practice

Eyes horizontal, nose vertical. Just the way things are.


4:00 pm, every Saturday (Two times of 20 minutes Zen Practice)

To participate, please call us by the evening of Friday.


*No participation fee is needed.
*Please prepare the clothes that can practice Zen. In addition, please don’t wear the perfume.
*August and New Year we are not open. There is a day we stop Zen practice for such as sudden funeral.
*If you come by car, please park your car at the nearby coin parking.


For the first time, please send us a postcard stating your name, address and phone number in advance.

Ritto-ji 1-7, Yorikimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi

*We carefully guide for beginners.
*However, please keep the minimum manners.

*Zen practice does not effect immediately like drugs.
*Please join anyway, and continue as much as possible.

Your challenge to Zen is our challenge to English…(^_-)